1THE Water

1THE Water

Mineral Pro Set

First Stage: Remove residual chlorine by natural purification principle

Second Stage: Using mineral filter acidic tap water will be turned into low alkaline mineral water (increase pH up to 8.0 and decrease slight ORP).

Third Stage: Using chemical absorption remove residual chlorine, toxic substance, and odor.

Does not require any tool and there is no need to disconnect hoses or water lines. Twist off filter head design with shut-off valves to make the easiest water filter replacement.

1THE Water Filer System is the most inexpensive method of removing all contaminants and capable ofeliminating practically all particles, bacteria and organics.聽 No electricity and no regular maintenance required.

Efficient way of saving your counter space. Without taking up counter space, you can install stylish designer faucet featuring all metal construction.

When it鈥檚 time to change water filters, smart application will alert you. Just scan the QR code before replacing the new water filter.